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If the technics carries out problems

It cannot be wrong.

Now the keeper of secrets can lag behind a life,

As giving nothing, cannot receive

J.J.Senchukov Da-dze shu, Art of suppression of fight

Osteopathy is the softest kind of manipulation that is treatment by hands which is directed on elimination of pathological fixings and blocks. But unlike the therapist of manipulation "setting" the patient vertebra the from outside, the doctor-osteopath by means of special methods creates conditions, at which this or that body borrows the natural physiological position.

By the way "certain" physiological position of body is not rigidly fixed point, and the opportunity to move freely in all directions, not leaving for the certain borders. By a similar principle an electron moves in atom, following the precisely certain orbit. If the electron to stops or descend from its orbit, it will lead to infringements in a structure of atom.

This base concept of osteopathy has been formulated by its founder A.Still. He approved, that illness arises in that place where a restriction of mobility of the body results in delay of blood receipts.

The modern medicine starts to investigate etiology (reason) and pathogen (a way of development of illness) during that moment when pathological fixing has already occured, and a venous stagnation has already arisen in the amazed body. The infection can easily get into such body, or growth of tumoral cells can begin.

And then firing from guns on sparrows begins: treatment by antibiotics, application analgetics, removal of a tumour, replacement of the suffered body, etc.

Unfortunately, you were late. Osteopaths consider that if the pathological symptom has already developed, treatment had been late a minimum for 2-3 years.

End then the academic medicine with all arsenal of medicines or osteopathy cannot help the patient. However more often patients address to osteopath in this hopelessly started condition.

If you have found out in yourselves guarding symptom (such as pains in a back, headaches, any discomfort, restriction of mobility of finitenesses or any body, etc.), it would be necessary to address to osteopath.

The patient, who in time has addressed to the doctor-osteopath, can warn new diseases, stop development old, and also to cure the children that those did not repeat sad experience of the parents.

P.S. There are no rules bar none: miracles happen not only in osteopathy, but even on an operational table. Sometimes it is possible to cure completely the started illness. We collect these happy exceptions and represent for you in a heading of illness .