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New tendencies in the struggle for a strong and healthy back(HARPERS BAZAAR)



The condition of your spine has a direct impact upon your life. The sooner you realize this, the better.


Everybody knows those aches in the back that prevent us to get out not only to work but even to dinner with friends. Statistics says that 80 percents of Americans have problems with the spine; Russian specialists assure that our situation is not better. Back pains have many different causes: walking in high-heeled shoes, sedentary work and physical overstrain, driving, says Maxim Zamergrad, neurologist from Guta Clinic.


In Eastern medicine all diseases are considered to be the imbalance of the system individual world, and this, surely, concerns back pains. This imbalance above all is indicated by the displacement of the centre the point of junction between the spine and the pelvis. Elena Shahmatova, doctor and specialist in jumeiho-therapy, working in the club of Eastern healing practices Healthy Factory, says: In the East a person is considered to be healthy if the line of his/her shoulders is parallel to the line of his/her pelvis and is at the right angles to the vertical line of his/her spine. If a patient has the upper part of his/her back squeezed, if it constantly aches under his/her shoulder-blade, and if he/she has problems with his/her posture (the shoulders look concave), a specialist sees clearly that in theres a man/woman front of him permanently exposed to stress and taking everything much to the heart.


Low back pains are the signal of feminine problems and clamping of the sciatic nerve. Many girls try hard to get slender legs like those of Victoria Backham. They go to massages, mezotherapy, wrappings, they dont leave the gym, and at the same time they eat nearly nothing But legs, as they say, still dont go away. That is, they resist as much as they can and keep the hatred size. It can not be otherwise, because we shouldnt forget about our spine. Such things, happening at every step, are the result of problems in the lumbosacral section of the spine. State of health and psycho-emotional status of a person is directly dependant upon the condition of his/her spine.


Its easy to check up if everything is ok in your spinal kingdom. Here is a list of symptoms showing that the time has come to pay a rapt attention to your back.


        A prickling in finger-tips;

        Numbness of hands or feet;

        Heightened fatiguability;

        Constant headaches;

        Difference in size between left and right extremities;

        A dull ache in joints.


If you have noted not less then four symptoms out of six, pass on to treatment.


Not so long ago a new trend in the struggle for a beautiful and healthy back appeared in Moscow. Its called jumeiho therapy and it has already gained stalwarts. First of all, that is because there you have no chance to hear an awesome crunch of vertebrae being reset by a manual therapist. Jumeiho differs from traditional systems of manual treatment in that it affects not only some particular joints and organs but the organism in general, says Elena Shahmatova. Jumeiho involves several eastern healing techniques: those of dotty massage; massage along the meridians of joints; and some elements of manual therapy.


Theres one more interesting technique to save you from back pains osteopathy. My osteopath nowadays girls pronounce this phrase with the very air their mums had talking about their own dentists.


Nearly everybody now has his own osteopath and this is not without a purpose. Osteopaths help to get rid of many problems with health from headache to nicotine dependence. Visiting an osteopath you get an ambivalent impression: as if nothing out of the way is happening but at once your body feels light. During one session that lasts 30-40 minutes the osteopath removes the hotbeds of tension pressing lightly definite points all over the body in the area of the back, the neck, the sacrum, feet and hands.  Osteopathy is the mildest type of manual therapy aimed at removing pathological fixations and blocks in the organism, says Matvey Zvezdin, neurologist, osteopath, member of Russian Association of Osteopaths. But in contrast to manual therapist who sets a diseased vertebra from outside osteopath using special techniques creates such conditions  under which its in a literal sense profitable for this or that organ to occupy its natural physiological position. 


Perhaps, osteopathy will seem not serious to those who got used to the painful manual therapy or to prolonged massage. But its far from being true. As for me, after several sessions I have not only got rid of aches in my back but also gave up smoking.


At last, if you are not an adherent of eastern healing practices go right to specialized centers for the spine treatment: go to Dikul, Sitel, Medical-surgical center after Pirogov, Bobrovsky clinic and so forth. Here the treatment is organized according to the techniques approved by Minzdrav. Doctors use both classical and medicinal method as well as physiotherapy: massage, electrotherapy, underwater traction, acupuncture and curative gymnastics says Maxim Zamergrad.


In drugstores you can find lots of different massages apparatuses. Their designers promise that their products help you to get rid of back pains. Even though specialists are ambiguous about these apparatuses, they help to get rid of a tiresome pain if even for a time.


And in the end Id like to give advice to all those suffering from back pains: before choosing a method of treatment, go to magnetic resonance tomography (MRT). Today its the most accurate method of diagnosing. It will help you to assess to where all your high-heeled shoes and night sprees drove you. And then its up to you. And to doctors.


HARPERS BAZAAR, Irina Kirienko.