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Often asked questions


Hello, Im 22, Im disturbed with pains in the right knee, at firdt it was sensation of shortage of liquid, at bending the cup slipped. Now Im excruciated by a pain, I cannot go, the knee begins aching, the back, and in different departments also disturbs, a brest, other joints also crackle, I have handed over analyses, but all of them are good. What me to do?


It would be necessary to visit a doctor! Because often happens, that there is a dissonance with a liver or a stomach, one knee reacts, another starts to work for itself and because of that guy too leaves out of operation, functions of amortization at movement are incured with a backbone and was begins! The question consists in finding, with what all has begun. The most exact is a osteopathic method - the Method of mechanical connections. It about 400 impellent tests with revealing zones of impellent barriers and the subsequent finding of one of the most important. If it is found, further "trick". Besides further and more correct medical researches - the same stomach or a liver, instead of analyses on articulate defeats are possible.


2 Im 52 years old. Lately almost constantly hurts a waist.

Whether it is necessary to have on hands results of any researches for consultation at osteopath? I dont have them. If it is necessary, prompt, what is necessary to make preliminary.

I heard that osteopaths treat relative deafness. Is it true?

Is the same doctor is engaged in problems of hearing and pains in a waist?

Where it is possible to receive consultations and treatment in Moscow and how much does it cost?

Hello! The age and number of illnesses for osteopathy is not contra-indication! It is possible not only treat pains in a back and relative deafness, but it is possible that these two symptoms are consequence of any other, latent disease which at cooperation of osteopath and the man himself can be found and softly and without serious consequences cured. The price of a session changes from 1 up to 2 thousand roubles depending on material opportunities of the client.

Besides osteopaths have phased treatment. It means connection as others osteopaths, more competent of treatment of the given pathology, and the recommendation of the advanced and effective methods of treatment and experts of other trades!



3 Tell me, please, for what (for what internal bodies) responds -2 spondyle of a cervical department of a backbone?

The second cervical spondyle closely contacts with backboned artery, a vein and a sympathetic texture which provide a feed of important centers of CNS including hypothalamo- pituitary zone, an oblong brain. Therefore one can say, that through vegetative and hormonal systems -2 is connected with all bodies. It is possible to disassemble more particularly a problem if there will be an additional information.



4 I have a head ache periodically already on an extent 3 months. Will you prompt, how it is possible to get rid of it?


From a head you, unfortunately will not get rid, and a cervical department of a backbone well to treat! Address! By the way what's your occupation?


5 Has faced with unusual, at least for myself a problem: parents with the child have addressed. Briefly: 9 months, CCP, congenital stridor, tetraplegia, spastica more at the left, contracture of a nape.

Patrimonial trauma. 2 points on scale Apgar. Month on after a birth. Clinically: frontal goes under parietal up to 1 sm, ankylosis is not present (active and passive movements) are particularly felt.

Displacement also of bones of a skull in a cross-section direction.

The nearest osteopaths are in Moscow and Petersburg.

To send to neurosurgeons? Do at work pay more attention on front-parietal going or condylar compression?:?:

I can send roentgenography in sagittal projection.

In occasion of the child: I shall tell my reasons, probably it will be useful. Look paltatornically all: a backbone, a basin, edges, a skull, internal bodies, vessels, a leather{skin}, etc. using all methods you know. By all means will find osteopathic defeat (for example tension Fillum terminale). Be guided on carniosacralnic rhythm - have weakened a popliteal artery or something else, then have looked a rhythm.


6 Hello!

I have pains in a back. What I need to do?

Dmitry responds. I had a same problem with a pain in a back, therefore I shall not give professional advice, and I shall simply advise to address to the doctor-osteopath as I have made. It was enough one session of massage for me to the pain in a back disappear. But sometimes (me was told) sessions of treatment can pass in 3 receptions and even more depending on infringements. Try to call by phone 552-97-56 in osteopathic center, there you will receive all necessary information. I tell it, being based on my own experience!

From authors: to call it is possible also for us of bodies 89262477029. Greetings:))


Where can really help with treatment of a chronic lock? Traditional methods dont give results: (((


Very often the reason of locks is restriction of mobility of underliver corner of thick intestines. Food comas in this place should rise abruptly upwards. In my practice there were cases when removal of this block (it takes 2 seconds) led to strong improvement of activity of intestines.


I would like to find out who of osteopaths are considered the best in Moscow (on surnames)?


Meshcherjakova Irina Mihailovna

Millers Alexander

Voronina Irina Aleksandrovna

Zhavoronkova Galina Evgenevna

Zvezdin Matvey Sergeevich

Kolesnikova Evgenie Vasilevna

Kutuzov Igor Aleksandrovich

Peregudova Vera Vasilevna

Storozheva Olga Gennadevna

Tregubova Natalia Borisovna

Shevchenko Michael Ivanovich

Enes Alexander Ermosevich

Kolbasin Jury Vasilevich

Can Vyacheslav