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Osteopathy history

Osteopathy - a man-made miracle

American Andrew Still based the osteopathy 100 years ago. He was the engineer on the first speciality and the doctor on the second. He consideredan organism as the biomechanical system constantly testing a pressure and for that functioning.

What is osteopathy engaged in?

The term osteopathy, thought up Still , consist of two ancient greek words: steo - "bone" and pathy - "technology". As osteo Still meant not only a pathology of bones, but also of the structural device in general, all bodies of system, as biomechanical (it is possible to tell engineering) units.

Osteopathy or osteopathic treatment as the highest form of manipulation is directed for work with all bodies and systems of a human body.

This direction has received a wide circulation in the world as rather effective not medicamentous method of treatment of many diseases of nervous system, the locomotorium device and internal bodies.

Osteopathes believe, that the organism has huge, inexhaustible opportunities to self-correction and mobilization of internal forces. Any disease begins with functional infringements in bodies or their systems which a person can not notice for many years. Usually we address to the expert only when the organic changes accompanied, for example, strong pains start to occur. The doctor-osteopath can by means of special methods by hands define functional infringements in work of an organism, and to set a direction for self-correction .

Often osteopath can specify a developing disease before traditional medicine will notice it. It is especially important for diagnostics and treatment of newborns suffering from postnatal encephalopathy. The effective help can be rendered to the child in the first days or even hours of his life when disease was not showed with all evidence.

Thus, the word "osteopathy" has special sense for those who addressed for the help to osteopathes and for they, whom sessions have returned pleasure of life. Osteopathy restors work capacity, removs problems and frequently relievs from at first sight inevitable operative intervention quickly and without serious consequences

Osteopathy in Russia

In our country osteopathy is only a second decade. The first fact-finding seminar on osteology took place in the beginning of 90th years in St.-Petersburg It has lead by outstanding osteopath from USA Viola Friman. The knowledge received by doctors have appeared so unusual, and results of indicative treatment so impressing, that one year later the whole group of the Russian doctorshas gone for the further training to America .The first russian Children's osteopathic centre had been opened by doctor Tamara Ivanovna Kravchenko in 1992 . The first in Russia Russian higher school of osteopathic medicine has been founded in 1994 on the basis of the Children's osteopathic centre at support of Academy of medicotechnical science of Russia. That shcool continues to prepare for doctors-osteopathes now.

Mastering by a speciality osteopath demands the maximum{supreme} medical education, and also fundamental three-year improvement and specialization. As osteopathy does not enter into system of obligatory medical insurance, treatment is paid.

Now many doctors in Russia have started to name themselves osteopathes . But it is necessary to notice, that the doctor can name itself steopath only after three-year study in Russian Higher school of osteopathic medicine or in other similar establishment which is having the right of doctors retraining in the field of osteopathy, passings examinations and receptions of the international diplom of the doctor osteopathy.

The medical science begins there,

Where it is possible to measure...

Many scientists interested the answer to the question: what are occuring with brain blood circulation and circulation neurolymph during the moment of treatment. Professor Jury Evgenevich Moskalenko managing laboratory of the St.-Petersburg institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry by I.M.Setchenov had an idea, how it is possible to fix reaction of vessels of a brain to spent treatment. His saved unique experience of the scientist-researcher has helped him.

Here is telling about the lead researches by Jury Evgenevich :

I paid special attention to practical directions of medicine all my life .

However my acquaintance with osteopathy was casual. In 1992 I have been invited to California for lecturing about functions of a brain. Listeners have appeared doctors-osteopathes. After the first lecture I was answering questions during three hours . Then I have understood, what was osteopathy. Then it was considered, that osteopathy was an art had been based on individual sensitivity, on that experience which was difficult for transferring. The enthusiasm of osteopathes has amazed me, but efficiency of their treatment has seemed doubtful. I am a professional experimenter, therefore, when I see something doubtful, I like to check up experiment. And the present medical science, on my belief, begins there, where it is possible to measure, where it is possible to receive objective parameters. Here my operational experience in the space medicine allowed to adapt available devices for record the some parameters showed what was occuring during treatment in a head and how vessels of a brain were reacting to treatment. Much to my astonishment, the effect has appeared much greater, than it was possible to expect. We have seen, that parameters, which doctors-osteopathes used, could was written down. Then we began to study in more details this question, to develop and extract the special equipment and the software.

The medicine works with complex multicomponent systems. To take, for example, a skull. There are three basic components inside of it: blood, neurolymph and a brain. We shall consider, that the brain does not change volume, and volumes of neurolymph and blood vary, they are interconnected. There is a complex biomechanics. To describe one equation this process it is impossible. We began to search for a methodical combination comprehensible to such purposes.

And here, six years we work above this problem. We have established absolutely precise "feedback" between the patient and the doctor by devices, by records of curves, and their analysis. Many quantitative criterias, on which it is possible to judge efficiency osteopathic treatments , how often to spend treatment, how to direct it to the necessary channel, are found now .

Owing to our researches fundamental osteopathy has included experience of some directions and has made the certain jump not only in scales of Russia, but also in the world. Experts of the USA and France leading of the world osteopathic schools have become interested in our works. Results of our researches are printed abroad in English, French and Italian languages. They are now publishing in Russia.

The attention of foreign experts to us is caused by that we own technics and a measurement technique. The technics, unfortunately, are not domestic, the attitude to a science in Russia leaves much to be desired. In due time known physicist Rezerford has told, that the most progressive works leave the least provided establishments. It concerns to Russian osteopathes to the full . We search more, we think more. For example, my operational experience with Americans has shown, that they experts in a choice. To make to a rat an injection, they have 30 versions of syringes, from which they easily choose necessary. Such problem is not present in our country: there is one syringe, we use it.

To find road in a fog

The shapeless mountain is necessary,

Easily found, but not instead of an index column,

Which is exact, but not appreciable.

What is attractive to the researcher in the osteopathic medicine ? We have asked the professor managing laboratory of the St.-Petersburg institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry by I.M.Sechenov, the Dr.Sci.Biol., known Russian physiologist J.E.Moskalenko

First, it has kept systemic character, understanding an organism as to uniform system. It is huge advantage before classical medicine , lost in many respects similar methodology. Development of narrow specialization in medicine leads to misunderstanding between doctors of different specializations. It is often happens, that absolutely casually narrow expert leaves to the center of defeat and does not see it by virtue of narrowness of specialization.

Secondly, osteopathy successfully copes with such diseases which are treated by allopathist by means of medicines, and surgical methods of treatment far not always are effective. And in general, at times doctors speak, that the best operation which did not take place. So, osteopathy can prevent those changes which demanded surgical intervention.

Thirdly. We live in a century of chemistry. Now the doctor does not think of itself without prescribing some tens medicines. Preparations are synthetic, therefore they are expensive. The advantage of osteopathy is reaching similar effect without medicines. We can define on devices, that action of osteopathic treatments causes the same change, as influence of very expensive medicine. Thus the organism avoids influence of chemistry that is important for its further functioning.